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Download Xmodgames v2.2.2 APK for android mobile phone from downloadterbaru.co

Download Xmodgames v2.2.2 APK File Xmodgames adalah aplikasi android yang digunakan untuk memodifikasi game – game android tertentu, agar nantinya game android tersebut dapat berjalan lebih super dari fitur yang aslinya. Beberapa game yang bisa di modifikasi antra lain : Clash of Clans ,Boom Beach, Subway Surfers ,Minecraft PE,Clash of Kings,Castle Clash,Clash of Lord2, King’s Saga,Simulation Games dan masih banyak lagi. Kamu dapat menggunakan accelerator, SandBox Attack, Keep Active dengan #Xmod.



  • An all-round management for games, in-app launching of mods.
  • User-Friendly and Integrated UI
  • Launch Mods in One Click
  • Auto-Detection of Game List
  • Super game mods, surpass your opponents
  • Forever Timely Update and Support
  • Massive Mods to Offer, Handiest Tool for Mainstream Games.
  • Multiple Features in Mods Make You Peerless Among Your Friends

Featured Mods

Clash of Clans

  • Search Loot: Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir, Trophy, Town hall level Search While Attacking, Townhall near Edge(PS:it doesnt mean you can get free Gold or other,this feature is for searching your target clan)
  • SandBox Attack (Simulate Attack) and Sandbox from Replay
  • You can Set 【Own Troops】【Target’s CC Troops】【Castle Troop】【Spells】【My Heroes】【Target’s Heroes】(In Sandbox Attack)
  • Real Time Traps
  • Dead Base Search & Save Perfect layout

MCPE Master

  • Weather Control & Edit Character Level
  • Add Item (TMI Select Items)
  • Spawn Mobs
  • Teleport
  • Backpack Management

Clash of Kings

  • Auto Train
  • Auto Collect Resource
  • Auto Alliance Helpcastle
  • Auto Harbour Gifts
  • Keep Active
  • Skip FREE Building

Boom Beach

  • Advanced Simulate Attack :【Magma Statue Simulate】【Infinite Statue Simulation】【Show Diving】【Set Energy】【Set My Troops】
  • Simulate Attack
  • Simulate Statues Building
  • Keep Active

Castle Clash

  • Auto Collect Daily Awards
  • Barrack Assist
  • Team Search Switch

Subway Surfers

  • Gold Bonus multiplier ( increase gold bonus from 1 to 150 times)

8 Ball Pool

  • Unlimited Guideline

Download Xmodgames

Android harus di root terlebih dahulu untuk menggunakan aplikasi ini

Supported Languages

  • English (UK and US)
  • Português(Brasil)
  • Pусский
  • Español
  • Bahasa Indonesia

How To Install

  • Uninstall Xmod versi sebelumnya (jika terinstal)
  • Download dan Install versi yang terbaru dari link yang sudah diberikan
  • Done, Enjoy 🙂

Unduh Xmodgames v2.2.2 APK Full

Xmodgames v2.2.2 APK Full

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